The Challenge

Prox users must migrate to a higher security card. When moving to an encrypted smart card, they risk losing the ability to interoperate with other devices due to proprietary encryption keys and data models. Once users resolve the problem of higher security, they need to address interoperability.

The Solution

An ecosystem filled with intelligent devices using modern and secure credentials to access extensible application data.

  • DESFire® EV2 Based

    EV1 Compatible

  • Extensible Data Model

  • Multiple Applications

    Campus Ready

  • Guaranteed Interoperability

    Growing Ecosystem

  • No Vendor Restrictions

  • Non-proprietary

Our Story

The commercial security industry as a whole, from technology providers to end-users, is demanding more product interoperability, security, and functionality. LEAF was created by industry members to provide open protocols and free access to technical specifications to simplify the integration of legacy, current, and future technologies.

Our Vision

In a perfect world, your smart access card should seamlessly and securely read on your door access reader, your locks, your logical access reader, and it should be fully portable to other devices. LEAF is providing the tools to make such concepts a reality, the support to make the adoption simple and give the highest possible value to the end-user.


LEAF is combining the best security protocols and ISO standards with the most advanced technologies to provide a complete specification for interoperable solutions. Security through standards is enabling a more open and more secure world. LEAF pledges to continue its quest to ensure compatibility in security.

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Welcome to the world of Interoperability!

Every end-user vastly benefits from interoperable products. Interoperability is our sole mission. We provide all the definition and support necessary to achieve maximum standardization. For the security industry, we started by defining a standard data structure for the latest smart card technology. The intelligent card design supports the most advanced security features and a genuinely open multi-application structure. 
Whether your solution needs are smart card or mobile based, we will provide support to achieve maximum interoperability.
With our support, your product will feature full compatibility with LEAF cards in a matter of hours! We provide source code, specifications, samples, and all the help your engineering needs to bring your product into the LEAF product ecosystem. Many solution providers have already taken advantage of the LEAF open standard.
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